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About us

Artin Bonyan Company is the reliable name among many of the Iranian most advanced and prestigious facilities which also holds contracting bases from the State Management and Planning Organization in civil construction.

Over the past 2 decades this company with assistance of experienced management team accomplished many kind of constructing projects by using all professional technical and executive requirements.

Artin Bonyan, Now, with aid of 2 facilitate factories in steel structure fabrication and equipment manufacturing in about 16000 m2 production area located near Tehran, and by employing technical and engineering specialists and skilled labors along production line and also by applying high tech machinery and equipments, is able to construct and implement all sort of  massive industrial and civil projects including industrial and urban steel structures, mechanical equipments, bridge and road construction etc.

Artin Bonyan CO. is interested to cooperate in any future construction activities by aim of development and   eminence of sweet motherland, through assistance of all above mentioned capacities and potentials, more than present participation in various active projects



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